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Policies & Procedures

 Administrative Leave Buy-Back Policy 319
 Administrative Leave for Exempt Employees Policy 204
 Alternate Work Schedule Policy 314
 Anti-Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation Policy 120
 Appearance Standards Policy 126
 Bulletin Boards Policy 406
 Changes in Assignments Policy 113
 Classification Plan Policy 103
 Computer and Internet Policy 408
 Confidentiality and the Review of Public Records Policy 402
 Court Duty Leave Policy 308
 Discipline Policy 116
 DOT Drug and Alcohol Regulations Policy 123
 Education Assistance Policy Policy 312
 Employee Organization Access Policy 422
 Employee Reimbursement - Membership, Conference and Meeting Expenses Policy 313
 Employment of Relatives Policy 121
 Employment Status Policy 102
 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy 101
 Family Care and Medical Leave Policy 316
 General Compensation Policy Policy 201
 Gratuities Policy 407
 Grievance Procedure Policy 117
 Holidays Policy 303
 Hourly Employment Policy 125
 Insurance Policy 301
 Jury Duty Policy 307
 Leave Donation Policy Policy 318
 Leave of Absence Policy 306
 Leave Usage for Exempt Employees Policy 206
 Medical / Psychological Exams Policy 111
 Mission Statement - Corporate Goals 
 On-Call Stand By and Call-Back Policy 205
 Outside Employment Policy 118
 Overtime Policy for General Non-exempt Employees ( 
 Overtime Policy for Non-Exempt 7(K) Public Safety Employee Policy 203
 Performance Evaluation Policy 115
 Personnel Files and References Policy 122
 Probationary Period Policy 110
 Recruitment and Selection Policy 104
 Reduction in Workforce Policy 119
 Retirement Policy 315
 Separation of Employment Policy 114
 Sick Leave - Group G IS COVERED by this policy Policy 305b
 Sick Leave - Group G NOT COVERED by this policy Policy 305a
 Smoking Policy 404
 Solicitation Policy 403
 Substance Abuse Policy Guidelines Policy 409
 Vacation - Annual Leave Policy 304
 Vehicle Policy 
 Visitors Policy 405
 Voting Policy 309
 Work Rules Policy 124
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