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Healthy Air Living Business Partner

The City of Visalia has partnered with the Valley Air District to support Healthy Air Living, a year-round program that provides every sector and resident of the Valley with valuable tools and strategies to craft a path to cleaner air and healthier lifestyles.  Healthy Air Living is collaboration between private citizens, business and industry, faith-based communities, nonprofit and social-service sectors, and health organizations to make sustainable, lasting changes in the way we live and work.

The goal of the program is to increase the awareness of existing air quality measures currently available to City employees that will help reduce single occupancy commute vehicle trips and reduce motor vehicle emissions. As a Healthy Air Living Business Partner the SJVAPCD will assist in highlighting existing programs such as the Ride-Share, public transportation programs, the Transportation Incentive Program (T.I.P)
program, which are all available to City of Visalia employees. In doing so, the City organization can serve a an example for healthy air living for other local organizations and businesses.

Healthy Air Living aims to reduce the emissions that pollute our air and thereby improve the quality of life for all Valley residents. This means making air quality a priority in all business and individual decisions.  The result is an accelerated path to clean air! 

Healthy Air Living’s goals include:

  • To reduce vehicle miles traveled, which account for more than half of our air pollution.
  • To reduce emissions from high-emitting business and industrial processes and machinery.
  • To reduce emissions through energy efficiency and the use of cleaner fuels and/or equipment.


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