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State Mandated Inspections

The fire inspection required for licensing is performed by the Fire Prevention Division staff. Questions may be addressed by calling (559) 713-4266.

  • State Fire Marshal's Fire Safety Inspection Request
  • Pre-Inspection
  • Large Family Day-Care
  • Other Licensed Facilities

State Fire Marshal's Fire Safety Inspection Request


Facilities licensed by the Department of Health Services and Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing, are required to have a fire clearance inspection in order to be licensed.


The request for an inspection comes through the State Fire Marshal's office. When an official "Fire Safety Inspection Request" is routed to the Fire Prevention Bureau, we will contact the number listed to arrange the inspection. This form is commonly referred to as an ‘850 Form’.




Facilities licensed by Community Care Licensing may request a "Pre-inspection" prior to the fire clearance request routed through the State Fire Marshal's office. The inspection will provide information about building and fire code requirements which must be met in order to become licensed.


The fee for a pre-inpsection is $50 when the number of occupants in the facility will be 25 or less and $100 when the number will be 26 or more.


Complete the Pre-Inspection Form and mail with a check payable to Visalia Fire Department to the address below:

Visalia Fire Department

Prevention Division

707 W. Acequia

Visalia, CA 93291


Large Family Day-Care


A large family day-care is a facility licensed by Community Care Licensing. Use the Licensed Facility Checklist to facilitate approval from the department for his/her license.


If care is provided for over fourteen children, the inspection is conducted by a Fire Department Inspector. Call 559-713-4266 to request an inpsection.


If care is provided for nine to fourteen children in a home, the inspection is conducted by a Building Department Inspector. Call 559-713-4246 to request an inspection.


Other Licensed Facilities


Other facilities may require a fire inspection as well in order to obtain a license, but the request will be made directly by the facility to Fire Prevention Bureau. These may include residential group care facilities licensed by the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs as well as non-public schools and agencies licensed by the Department of Education. The Licensed Facility Checklist can help you prepare for the inspection.


When the occupancy is not a State Fire Marshal occupancy (that is, a Residential, Educational or Institutional occupancy), a fee is charged. Follow the same procedure described under Pre-Inspection to request an inspection.

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