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Commercial Inspections

Uniform Fire Code (UFC) Permit Inspections


The Visalia Fire Department’s Permit Program is authorized by the Uniform Fire Code (UFC) Section 105, Permits.  The objective of this program is to prevent emergency incidents that endanger lives and damage property.  Through a proactive fire inspection program, it is the Visalia Fire Department's goal to reduce the number of fire and hazardous material emergencies that occur in our community.


There are three important goals of the inspection program: 1) protect the business community from financial loss; 2) ensure the safety of employees and citizens who enter the business; and 3) protect firefighters when they are called upon to mitigate whatever type of emergency that may take place in the business.


The implementation of the Permit Program will include an associated fee schedule dependent upon the potential hazard.  Though you may have more than one hazard that will require a permit, you will only be billed for the single highest fee. 


A business may be required to obtain a permit if the business will be conducting any activities outlined in the Uniform Fire Code, Section 105.  To determine if your business is a UFC Permitted business, complete the UFC Assessment form.  This assessment will identify if your business engages in any activities, operations, practices or functions that require a permit.  If you do require the permit, please mail the assessment to:


Visalia Fire Department

Prevention Division

707 W. Acequia

Visalia, Ca 93291


Fire Department personnel will schedule an inspection and verify any materials or processes you have within your business which fall under this program.


Permit billing will occur as part of your Business Tax License Fee, with the permit being issued after payment of fees.  The permit is valid until revoked or your business is re-inspected and a new permit is issued.  You will be billed in subsequent years and Fire Department personnel will continue to make fire safety inspections to verify safe practices and compliance with the applicable codes. 


If you have questions regarding the program, please contact Prevention Division at 559-713-4266.


Self-Inspection Program


A  Self-Inspection checklist for business, office and mercantile occupancies which wish to make sure they are in compliance.  While we don’t have a formal self-inspection program, this is a good way to be prepared for our arrival and ensure the safety of your customers, employees and business. Questions related to this program should be addressed to the Sr. Fire Inspector at (559) 713-4266.


Night Detail Inspection Program


Businesses requiring a Public Assembly permit (locations where 50 or more people gather) are monitored for overcrowding and other violations. Unannounced inspections are performed at night and on weekends periodically during the year.


Questions related to this program should be addressed to the Sr. Fire Inspector at (559) 713-4266.

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