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I received a notice for a home, business or apartment

 Why did I receive a notice?

Either a complaint was received by our department or a member of our staff observed issues at your property that may violate Chapter 8.56 of the Visalia Municipal Code.

I believe I received a notice in error.  My property does not have any issues listed on the notice.

The original complainant may have reported the wrong address.  Upon inspection the case will be closed.  If you happen to know the address of a problem property, please contact our office at 559-713-4266 to correct the case.

What are the Abatement Standards?

The following are minimum abatement standards.  The quality of work will be judge by the Visalia Fire Department and additional abatement may be required due to terrain, land use, growth, or other vegetation.

  • All grass, weeds or similar vegetation must not be over 3 inches in height.
  • All fence lines, sidewalks, streets, curbs and gutters shall be thoroughly cleared of weeds, rubbish and dirt.
  • Properties must be clean of all junk, trash, debris, trimmings, furniture, appliances, or other waste material.
  • All trees should be trimmed up at least 5 feet from the ground.  Any dead trees, bushes, shrubs or similar vegetation should be completely removed.
  • All wood, lumber, or other combustible materials of value must be stored in a neat and orderly manner safely away from all weeds, grass, crops, vegetation, fences, buildings, or anything that could be expected to burn.

What happens if I don't clean my property by the deadline?

Failure to clean and maintain your property in accordance with Chapter 8.56 of the Visalia Municipal Code and the Abatement Standards will result in enforcement which includes inspection and administrative fees and/or abatement of the conditions at the property owner's expense.  All costs associated with enforcement shall become a lien on the property.

There is junk and/or trash on my property and I didn't put it there - why am I responsible?

If you are the property owner, then you are ultimately responsible for maintaining the condition of that property.

Can I request an extension?

Typically up to two weeks can be granted.  Please call the office at 559-713-4266.  If additional time is needed, prior approval from the Fire Marshal will be required.

I want to file an appeal to show I should not have required to abate my property.

Contact the Fire Marshal at 559-713-4261.






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