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2013-Present  Chief Doug McBee
A quote from Fire Chief Doug McBee, "We are privileged to work in a great community and a city well respected.  I would like to recognize and commend the men and women of the Visalia Fire Department for their dedicated service to our citizens." 
2008 - 2012    Mark R. Nelson
A quote from Fire Chief Mark R. Nelson, "I am proud of the contributions the members of this organization have made to our community.  Labor and Management have worked together to continuously evaluate and improve the quality of our core services.  We could not have achieved these goals without the support of our elected officials.  In spite of the economic challenges faced by our city, we continue to receive the funding needed to carry out our mission. We stand with our City Council and City Manager in their efforts to make Visalia a safe and prosperous place to live.
2000-2007 George Sandoval
1997-2000 Carlos Rodriguez
1990-1997 Doug Dawson
A message from Fire Chief Doug Dawson, originally printed in the July 1994 edition of the California Fire Service Magazine, "As we look to the future and address the challenge of continued restricted financial and minimal human resources, we see steady and progressive growth for the department through innovation, high efficiency and cost effective fire and life safety programs.  The ongoing completion of these programs will be accomplished by the  continuous  efforts of the dedicated, highly competent  and professional men and women of the Visalia Fire Department who demonstrate everyday our motto - Serving Our Community.
1982-1988 Jack Kennedy
1980-1982 Harold Tucker
1967-1980 Roy Vogt
1944-1967 Walter Wood
A quote from Fire Chief Walter Wood: "Visalia has always ran a well-operated fire department, drawing its personnel from the best members of the community".
1927-1944 Bert Williams
Chief Bert Williams
1910-1927 A. Grant
First Paid Fire Chief


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