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Redevelopment (Successor Agency)

Redevelopment Project Areas  

RDA Resolution for EOPS

The City of Visalia had four (4) redevelopment project areas:

  • Downtown
  • Central
  • East
  • Mooney and Mooney Amended

The City Council serves as the Agency board, the City Manager serves as the Executive Director, and the Finance Department administers the day-to-day activities of the Redevelopment Agency.

Reports and plans highlighting the Redevelopment Agency include:

  • Financial Analysis of Visalia’s 4 Redevelopment Project Areas
  • Redevelopment Implementation Plan
  • Central Visalia Redevelopment Plan
  • Mooney Boulevard Redevelopment Project Amendment

East Downtown

The East Downtown is an exciting new area encompassing more than 175 acres.  The new frontier will extend Visalia’s prized “jewel” Downtown Visalia, from Bridge Street to Ben Maddox Avenue and from Mineral King Avenue northward to Houston Street.

Over the past five years, the City has been acquiring and assembling land while preparing for the future with strategic planning efforts.  The plans completed to date include:

  • Draft Civic Center Master Plan
  • East Downtown Park & Infrastructure Master Plan
  • Civic Center Park Section
  • Central Park Section
  • Illustrative Plan
  • Mill Creek Relocation Options
  • Streetscape Conditions
  • Summary of City Council Presentation
  • Design Principles

Roads & Infrastructure
In February 2008, the City retained the services of Provost & Pritchard Engineering Group to prepare construction drawings for the Civic Center block.  This will include extension of School Avenue from Tipton to Burke streets; improvements to Oak Avenue between Tipton and Burke streets in coordination with the PUC, Union Pacific and San Joaquin Railroad.

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